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     Not getting your products or services noticed on the web?
     Like to stand out from the crowd?



Many companies are finding that their e-business activities are fragmented, not aligned to their business strategy or customer culture and duplicate effort. This results in unnecessary cost and loss of competitive advantage. What is needed is a hybrid - a combination of technology skills and business awareness blended with old and new economy. One of the main concerns amongst employers today is the lack of internal Internet know-how or awareness of its potential benefits.
Previous work has included the following -

  • e-Strategy
  • Web site design, development and hosting
  • Search engine submission and placement optimisation
  • Domain name and keyword registration
  • Internet, Intranet, Extranet developments
  • Content management
  • Legal issues
  • Supply chain management
  • Secure online credit card payments
  • Knowledge Management and Information sharing
  • Education and Online training
  • Selection of tools and technologies
  • Self help services
  • e-Commerce club
  • Network based process automation
  • Supplier-Customer integration and brokering
Current work includes the following -
  • NHS online procurement initiatives
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