"Need more flexible resource?"

Interim Management


Naturally, companies are apprehensive about the economic slowdown, with many cutting costs by downsizing or rightsizing. Yet they still need to remain competitive and able to respond to an increase in demand. Interim resource can operate at manager, senior manager, director, chief operating officer and managing director level and provide a flexible resource that can be turned on and off at will. Rates can be daily, for a fixed term, or per deliverable. This flexibility is particularly useful to cope with a temporary increase in workload or to manage a function or project until a full time resource is hired. Utilising interim resource can provide significant benefits. We operate through a network of partners, associates and interim managers and are always delighted to hear from potential clients as well as associates/partners and interim managers.

The following levels of interim management can be provided -

  • Managing director (MD), Deputy-MD, Chief operating officer (COO), Chief technology officer (CTO), Chief information officer (CIO), Chief knowledge Officer (CKO), Operations director, Group IT Director, Technical director, Other director, Head of department, Business operations manager, IT manager, Customer contact/call centre manager, Programme manager, Project manager, Supply chain & Procurement manager, Application development manager
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